tellows Fritz!Box Number Blacklist (Commercial Usage) - 1 Year

The spam filter for your Fritz!Box - saves time, money and a lot of nerves! Simply block phone numbers that are rated negative by the community. This allows you to immediately recognize unwanted calls as such. Get now the tellows scorelists with all classified as dubious telephone numbers of the tellows community on your Fritz!Box for your business.

This product is only for commercial use. If you want to use the tellows scorelists privately, we recommend this product. For an extended usage than specified or blacklists for another country, please contact contact us, so that we can find an individual solution for you
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Over 8 million monthly users worldwide

Over 150.000 ratings for phone numbers per month

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Solutions for private and commercial usage

After payment is received the blacklists are immediately available in the download area

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The spam filter for your Fritz!Box - saves time, money and a lot of nerves!

Get now the tellows scorelists with all our telephone numbers of the tellows community your Fritz!Box. This allows you to immediately recognize unwanted calls as such. By importing untrustworthy rated phone numbers recognizes the Fritz!Box unwanted callers who are known to the tellows community, already when ringing. Whether you hang up, reroute the call, or engage the unwelcome caller in a fun conversation and later put the number on the blacklist, you can now decide on ringing! The displayed score also helps you to decide which numbers will end up on the blacklist. For the phone number on the scorelists you can activate a call blocker feature within the Fritzbox, in order to not receive annoying calls anymore.

By purchasing the list, you will get the download links to the scorelists for the phone numbers that are rated negative by tellows. You can download the scorelists with the scores 7, 8 and 9 without any problems and import them into the Fritz!Box and thus always have the latest protection! The scorelists correspond to the Fritz!Box phone book format. It is also possible to have incoming calls blocked. In this case, the phone numbers are not put through at all via the call barring in the Fritzbox and all callers in the phone book are directly barred.

The largest community for phone numbers, with over 40,000 records and 1.3 million visitors per month makes the call blocker and spam filter for the phone so successful! The scorelists contain selected, active numbers that have been reported to tellows. Every day, hundreds of reviews are submitted to tellows, who are then considered for the scorelist.

The scorelists can be linked to your tellows user account. Negatively rated numbers immediately are added to your personal blacklist and are included in the import of the scorelists. Important is the login on the website or linking the app to your tellows account. The personal blacklist contains all numbers that you have rated yourself (independent from the ratings of other users) and of course all other phone numbers rated at tellows.
> More information on the personal blacklist and registration

What is the tellows score and which lists do I have to use?

At tellows, telephone numbers are checked for trustworthiness using various criteria. Each number has a rating, the so-called tellows score. The higher the score the more dubious the number. The score ranges from 1 to 9, whereby numbers with a score of 7 or higher are directly perceived as dubious and are part of the blacklists. For the Fritzbox the numbers with score 7 and score 8-9 are stored in one telephone book each. If you integrate the blacklists for the Fritzbox, you can decide for yourself whether you want to integrate all scores (score 7-9) or only the most dangerous numbers (score 8-9). We recommend using both lists. After the purchase you will find the license key and the blacklists for download for both lists in the download area.

The scorelist of the country you select contains numbers reported by people from that country. This includes domestic and international numbers. For optimal protection, it is not necessary to use lists from several countries.

The term of the scorelists is one year and includes daily updated telephone numbers.
Please follow the instructions for the integration to avoid errors!

After the successful receipt of payment for your order, you can directly access the scorelists. To do so, you must log in to your shop account and download the access data for the scorelist via your download area in the tellows shop: "My account" and "My downloadable products".

Then click on the link of your purchased item. A PDF file with your access data for the scorelists will be downloaded. Save the PDF file to be able to download the current lists in the future via this file (each download generates a current list). There you will see the download links for score 7 and score 8-9, which you can use for manual import. For the import with automated updates you only need the API key of the document. Please follow the instructions for the integration to avoid errors!

NEW: Integration via CardDAV server for automatic scorelist updates

Attention: Starting with FritzOS 7.2 or the laboratory version of FritzOS it is possible to link an online phone book in the FritzBox. tellows provides a CardDAV server for this purpose. This integration offers the advantages of a very simple integration of tellows scores and automatic updates. Thus, manual download of the lists is no longer necessary. You can then block calls by activating call blocking for the online phone books.

Create a new phone book in the FritzBox and select "Phone book of an online provider". Then select "CardDAV Provider" and set as username "tellowsfritz" and as password your API key from the download.

The following addresses can be used as servers:
- Only score 7 (currently 800 entries):
- Only score 8 and 9 (currently 800 entries):
- Total list score 7-9 (1500 entries - not suitable for all models):

> You can find detailed instructions here

The phone book is automatically updated once a day (usually at night). For more information on updating, click here:

We do not recommend making manual changes to the phone book, as the changes may be overwritten during the next update. To remove or manually add entries, follow the instructions from the following personalization paragraph.

Personalization of the CardDAV server

With the CardDAV server you can also personalize the scorelists and automatically add your negatively rated numbers on tellows to your scorelist. To do so, you need to use the same e-mail address in the tellows shop for the purchase of the scorelists and for your account on the tellows website (only Open-ID possible).

The personal scorelist contains all numbers that you have rated negatively and additionally the numbers that the community has rated as dubious. Phone numbers that you rate with a score less than 7 will be added to the whitelist and will not be included in the scorelist, even if the community rating of the phone number has a negative score. Your own ratings have a higher priority than the community ratings.

Negatively rated numbers are updated on the server after about 15 minutes and added to the personal scorelists. The next time the online phone book is updated, the rated numbers will also be in the phone book of the FritzBox.

Integration with manual update (without CardDAV Server)

With the purchase of the list, you will receive the download links to the scorelists for the phone numbers that are rated negative by tellows. You can download the scorelists with the scores 7, 8 and 9 unlimited and import them into the Fritz! box and always have the latest protection! The license period of the tellows blacklists is 2 years. The scorelists correspond to the Fritz!Box telephone book format. A detailed description how the integration into the Fritz!Box is done can be found here:
> Instructions for the import of the tellows scorelists into the Fritz!Box

Note: For importing the tellows scorelists to the Fritz!Box, admin rights for the web interface must be available on the Fritz!Box. We guarantee the feature only for the Fritz!Box types that are listed below. We provide no liability for any damage caused by the creation or import of the tellows entries in the Fritz!Box. To display the tellows score on your phone's display, you need a phone with that allows displaying extended caller information about a phone number.

I downloaded the scorelists - what now?
Importing the lists is basically easy, just follow the instructions. If you still experience problems, please contact the tellows Customer Support

I'll never receive calls again?
Unfortunately no, because call centers constantly change their numbers to avoid being blocked. However, a regular update of the lists may lead to a relaxation of the situation.
The scorelists are basically not a blacklist per se, but rather they serve to show the person being called the type of incoming call to respond accordingly.

How do I keep the scorelists up to date?
Just download the scorelists again and import them once a month as usual. Thus, you always have the currently most active phone numbers. Downloading the lists is of course free of charge.

For all Fritz!Boxes mentioned below, the scorelists were checked for their functionality. Basically every Fritz!Box with telephone feature should be able to do so. If you would like to be a tester, please contact our customer support. The license term of the tellows scorelists is 2 years.

Compatibility tested with:
Scorelist for Fritz!Box 6360
Scorelist for Fritz!Box 6490
Scorelist for Fritz!Box 6591
Scorelist for Fritz!Box 7270
Scorelist for Fritz!Box 7272
Scorelist for Fritz!Box 7330
Scorelist for Fritz!Box 7340
Scorelist for Fritz!Box 7360
Scorelist for Fritz!Box 7360sl
Scorelist for Fritz!Box 7390
Scorelist for Fritz!Box 7430
Scorelist for Fritz!Box 7490
Scorelist for Fritz!Box 7560
Scorelist for Fritz!Box 7570
Scorelist for Fritz!Box 7580
Scorelist for Fritz!Box 7590

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