tellows API-Key | CSV Phone Number Blacklist (Commercial Usage) - 1 Year

With this tellows API key you can use the tellows caller ID for your commercial telephone systems.
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tellows API-Key
tellows API-Key - 1-Jahreslizenz

Over 8 million monthly users worldwide

Over 150.000 ratings for phone numbers per month

Easy payment via PayPal or bank transfer

Solutions for private and commercial usage

After payment is received the blacklists are immediately available in the download area

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tellows API-Key - 1-Year-License

tellows API Key for Commercial Use (SME)

Thanks to the tellows API Key, programmers and telecommunications device developers are now able to query the tellows database through your telecommunications device (e.g. Asterisk). Regardless of whether you want to use the API Key as a real time block list or just to identify calls. Thanks to the great interest for the tellows score lists, we now want to offer our customers the possibility of a real-time caller protection. With the help of the API Key and a suitable phone system this is no longer a problem.

The API Key is an application programming interface and allows programmers and developers access through their telephone system to the tellows database and therefore to both trustworthy and dubious numbers, including their ratings.  No matter which telecommunications device they use, as long as there is access to the Internet and the API Key is compatible, there should not be a problem for a real-time query to be sent to the tellows server.

The tellows score enables you to easily distinguish trustworthy calls from dubious ones. Calls are rated on a scale from 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (dubious) by the community. With more than 40,000 database entries and about 1.3 million visitors per month this makes your telecommunications device an effective weapon against unwanted calls. The protection is always up to date, therefore there is no need to download updates manually. The license is active for 1 year.

How do I get the API key?

After purchase, you can download the access data for the API key from your download area in the tellows shop. To do this, click on the link in the download area of ​​your user account. A new page opens with your access data to the API.

Attention We recommend opening the download link to your access data via Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Google Chrome may not be able to read the file extension correctly. If this is the case, you can open the file by changing the file extension to ".html".

How do I use the API key?

For individual results, you can customize the parameters of the download URL. This refines the output and can be used to e.g. only show phone numbers with a desired minimum score or a minimum number of comments. For a detailed look at the tellows API with all available parameters, see our documentation
> Documentation of the tellows Scorelist API
> More information about the tellows products and API

Disclaimer regarding commercial and the non-commercial use
This API Key is solely used for commercial purposes.
> tellows API Key for Private Use
> Further information about the tellows Partner Program

How does the Caller ID work?

Incoming calls are checked using the tellows API. A live query sends the existing data to the caller. Besides the tellows score, the caller type is displayed. This data suggests the activity and aggressiveness of an untrustworthy phone number and thus provides a starting point for further research on tellows.

For which countries can I use this service?

This service is currently only available for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the UK. For other countries, please send us a message to [email protected]
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