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✓ All current telephone numbers classified as dubious are integrated as a telephone book in the FRITZ!Box
✓ Detects and blocks unwanted calls during ringing
✓ Daily automatic updates of the blocklist
✓ Easy to set up directly in the FRITZ!Box
✓ Suitable as a gift

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The product is currently only available for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The tellows spam filter - saves time & money!

The tellows score lists contain all current dubious phone numbers of the tellows community which enables you to block annoying advertising calls. This allows you to immediately recognize unwanted advertising calls or block phone numbers that have negative ratings from the community. The handling is uncomplicated: just set up the score lists once and because if the automatic update no further configuration is necessary. You can activate a call block for the blacklists within the FRITZ!Box so that you do not receive unwanted calls in the first place.

This is not the FRITZ!Box download article, but rather a coupon card that is sent by post.

The quick guide refers to the integration for Fritz!Boxes with Fritz! OS 7.20 or higher. For older models, use manual integration (see full instructions: manual import).

Quick guide

  • 1. Click on "Create new phone book" (in the Telephony / Phone book tab)
  • 2. Select "Use the phone book of an online provider"
  • 3. Select "CardDAV provider"
  • 4. Fill in the following URL: in "Internet address of the CardDAV server"
  • 5. " Enter tellowsfritz as "Username"
  • 6. As "Password" enter your API key from the download PDF
  • 7. Then repeat the steps for the second phone book with the URL
  • 8. Optional: Activate call blocker for incoming calls from the phone books
Detailed instructions

The login data is visible in the download area of your shop account after purchase.

You can find all information about setting up the score lists in the following video (please activate subtitles)

By importing the phone numbers rated as dubious unwanted callers which are known to the tellows community are recognized as soon as the phone rings. It is up to you if rather hang up, divert the call or engage the uninvited caller in a funny conversation and put the number on the blacklist later! The displayed score will also help you to decide which numbers to block directly. In order to block incoming calls from the created phone books the call block in your TS must be activated so that these numbers are not put through in the first place. For personalization, simply connect your shop account to your account on and the phone numbers you rated yourself will be taken into account.

The tellows score helps you to evaluate the integrity of a number. The higher the score, the more dubious the number. The scale ranges from 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (dubious) and numbers above 7 are perceived as dubious and are part of the blacklists. For the FRITZ!Box, the numbers with score 7 and score 8-9 are grouped together in a phone book. If you integrate the blacklists for the FRITZ!Box, you can decide for yourself you either want to use all scores (score 7-9) or for example only want to integrate the most dangerous classified numbers (score 8-9). We recommend using both lists. After the purchase you will find the license key and the URLs for the blacklists in the download area of your shop account.

The scorelist for the country you selected contains numbers reported by people from that country. This includes national and international numbers. For optimal protection it is not necessary to use lists from several countries.

The scorelists can be linked to your tellows user account. Negatively rated numbers land immediately on your personal block list and are included on the imported score lists. It is important to log in to the website or to link the app to your tellows account. The personal block list contains all numbers that you have rated yourself (regardless of the ratings of other users) and of course all other phone numbers rated by tellows users. More information on personal block lists and registration.

The blacklists are valid for 2 years and contain all current negative rated numbers.

After the successful payment of your order, we will ship the product to you. Then you can use the code on the back side to activate the caller protection in your FRITZ!Box.

Please follow the instructions in order to avoid mistakes!

From FritzOS 7.20 or version FritzOS it is possible to link an online telephone book to the FRITZ!Box. Therefore, tellows provides a CardDAV server. This integration offers the advantages of a very easy integration of the tellows scores and automatic updates. This means that manual downloading of the lists is no longer necessary. In addition, you can activate a call blocker for the online phone books.

If your FRITZ!Box does not support an online telephone book, you can import the lists manually.

> Detailed instructions can be found here

Note:To import the tellows score lists into the FRITZ!Box you must have admin rights for the FRITZ!Box. We only guarantee the function for the FRITZ!Box types that are available for selection. We are not liable for equipment damage that may result by creating or importing the tellows score lists in the FRITZ!Box. To show the tellows score on your phone's display it must be able to show more details about a number.

Why do I get an error message (e.g. error 26) while setting up the CardDAV server?
If an error message occurs after the integration (e.g. error 26) remove the phone book completely and recreate it. Occasionally, this error happens on the first attempt.

Make sure there is a slash at the end of the server address. If a character is missing, no connection to the server is possible. Phonebooks that were created and changed later may not save the changes correctly. Your corrections will likely not be taken into account if there was an error the first time you created the phone book. For this reason, the phone book should be created again. If you want to create the phone book again, we recommend restarting the FRITZ!Box and deleting the old incorrect phone book first.

It is important to give a recreated phone book again a different name than the previous created phone book. If you use the same name it can happen that the FRITZ!Box loads the old data import from the memory when the phone book is recreated.

Can I make changes to the online phone book?
We do not recommend making any manual changes to the phone book, because the changes could be overwritten with the next update. To remove or add entries manually, follow the instructions in the section on personalization.

How can I make sure the phone book is up to date?
The first entry in every tellows phone book shows the validity of the license and date of the last update. The FRITZ!Box is updated once a day.

I also would like to be protected against calls from abroad. Do I have to purchase all score lists?
The score list for the country you selected contains numbers reported by people from that country. This includes national and international numbers. For optimal protection it is not necessary to use lists from several countries. The call block function of the FRITZ!Box also makes it possible to set up a block for entire country codes.

Will I never receive advertising calls again?
Unfortunately no, because call centres are constantly changing their numbers so that blocks can be bypassed. However, regular updates of the lists can substantial improve in the situation.

How do I keep the score lists up to date if I import them manually?
Simply download the score lists again and import them once a month. So, you always have the currently most active numbers integrated into the spam list. Downloading the lists again is of course free. Important: With the new integration via the tellows CardDAV server the lists are updated automatically every day!

My FRITZ!Box does not have the option to create online phone books by using a CardDAV server. What can I do?
So far, FRITZ!Box with Fritz! OS 7.20 and higher as well as the laboratory version of 7.19 support CardDAV server integration. Check if an update is available for your FRITZ!BOX. If the function is not supported at all you can activate the lists manually by creating the phone books and importing the blacklists. These must be updated manually on a regular basis. You can find the procedure in the instruction for manual import.

Which FRITZ!Box types are compatible with the tellows score lists?
All FRITZ!Boxs mentioned below were checked for functionality using the tellows blacklists. Basically, with every FRITZ!Box that has a telephone feature you should be able to use the tellows blacklists. If you would like to become a tester, please contact our customer support.

The integration for the automatic updated blacklists using the CardDAV server is suitable for all FRITZ!Boxes with Fritz! OS 7.20 or higher. Check available updates in the system settings of your FRITZ!Box.

The manual integration is suitable for the following Fritz boxes:

Blacklists for FRITZ!BOX 6360
Blacklists for FRITZ!BOX 6490
Blacklists for FRITZ!BOX 6591
Blacklists for FRITZ!BOX 7270
Blacklists for FRITZ!BOX 7272
Blacklists for FRITZ!BOX 7330
Blacklists for FRITZ!BOX 7340
Blacklists for FRITZ!BOX 7360
Blacklists for FRITZ!BOX 7360sl
Blacklists for FRITZ!BOX 7390
Blacklists for Fritz!box 7430
Blacklists for Fritz!box 7490
Blacklists for Fritz!box 7560
Blacklists for Fritz!box 7580
Blacklists for Fritz!box 7590

The largest community for telephone numbers, with over 40,000 datasets and 1.3 million visitors per month makes the call blocker and spam filter for your TS so successful! The score lists contain selected, active numbers that have been reported on Hundreds of users comment and rate numbers on a daily basis - that's all part of the score lists.

tellows UG provides its offer exclusively to consumers. One license is only meant to be used for one FRITZ!Box device. These lists must not be used in any commercial way. If you are interested in doing so, do not hesitate to contact us.

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