tellows call blocker for landline connections

Dear tellows-user,

The tellows Call Blocker is well on its way and we would like to launch a beta testing phase. If you are interested in taking part of this stage of development please contact us at

We will then send you a discount code to purchase the call blocker in our shop.
Please take a look at the specifications and product details and send us an info about your setup (phone system, router etc.).


  • Calls are automatically blocked, eliminating the frustrating constant ringing of unwanted calls.

  • Expect a very high block rate of unwanted calls with daily updates of our phone number database!

  • An additional option to terminate calls manually.

  • Create your own personal block list.

  • Home set-up made easy.


  • The tellows Call Blocker is a box that is connected to your telephone lead and your telephone.

  • The box updates itself via the internet, so you always enjoy the latest tellows protection.

In addition, there is the possibility to register phone numbers that are not yet blocked by tellows, directly through the box itself.



  • Regular Price: €109.90

  • Special Price: €89.90

             This price includes the terminal, as well as a 2 year license for the retrieval of daily phone numbers on the tellows server.