FAQ Call Blocker

1. My Call Blocker doesn't seem to work even though I have connected everything up. Why might that be?

Sounds simple enough, but it does happen – double check that the power supply is connected to the circuit. Once all the lights on the device light up, your Call Blocker is ready to go.

2. Why is my phone still ringing even though the call was blocked?

For both connection methods, you will find the phone will ring at least once before shortly being blocked by the Call Blocker, with the analog connection it is possible for it to ring up to twice. Other factors may contribute to extended ringing, including prolonged melodies in particular ring tones.

3. Why can't I access the user interface?

If entering
"http: // call blocker" into your browser does not work, it may be that the router name resolution has not been created and therefore cannot log into the Call Blocker with this browser command. These routers include certain Speedport models. In this case, you must determine the IP address that is linked to your Call Blocker on the network. To do this, you need to log into your router and look at the list of devices there and see which IP address was assigned to the Call Blocker device. Retrieve the IP address and enter it into your browser. From here you should be able to now start controlling the Call Blocker through access to the interface.

4. Do I need the analog connection?

Not necessarily. Keep in mind there are two ways to be connected, but this is determined by whether your router has VoIP features or not.

VoIP: This is when your internet supports IP telephony, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). In this case, you do not require an analog connection kit. A guide on how the Call Blocker is set up with respect to VOIP can be found in the manual.

Without VoIP: This is then for those who have access to the internet that does not support IP telephony. An analog connection is required for setup. The real advantage of the analog connection kit is that no other adjustments of the settings
on the router need to be applied. The device is ready to go for immediate use after a connection has been established.

Note: the analog connection kit can be used in conjunction with VoIP enabled routers.

More information on IP telephony (VoIP) features on your router, can be found either in the router's manual or by referring to the manufacturer's website.

5. I have multiple phones at home, will this be an issue?

As long as all phones are operated via the same router, the Call Blocker will be able to block calls on all phones.

If your question has not been answered above, do not hesitate to contact us via our support page and a member of customer support will be in touch shortly.